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Never a dull moment!
I enjoy:

Developing applications for iPad and iPhone,
including 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) apps.

Application related graphical design.

Composing and making music.

Sound effects and music for apps and games.

Diversity by Experience

I have been developing software since 1978, traversing the broad range from mainframes to mobile devices.

Projects for logistics, airlines, construction, automotive industry, financial, stocks, insurance, energy and oil management etc. on a wide range of systems: IBM mainframes, PCs, client/ server systems, mobile devices and microprocessor systems.

A very enjoyable and interesting time with various design methods, programming languages, databases and operating systems, forming a solid base for my present activities.

Recent Activities

Bluetooth & iBeacon Technology Recent projects included Bluetooth BLE and iBeacon modules.

iBeacon is a new technology, described by Apple Inc. as "a new class of low-powered, low-cost transmitters that can notify nearby iOS devices of their presence."

Technical Apps

apps that collect
measurement data
via a Bluetooth BLE
and display
the data
with gauges,
bar graphs etc.

Make music on your iPad !

You might be interested in my music maker apps

RavelNotes and RavelNotesBasic available in Apple's App Store and have some fun! (feedback & comments welcome) More detailed info on the RavelNotes web site

Apple TV apps

Game image

Currently, I am working on 3D space games , programmed with Swift and SceneKit and 3D models made by me using Blender, like the spacecraft in the above image.

Game Cloinckz Splashscreen

More info coming soon.


Ted van Gaalen

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